The Cormorant

Safer with lower operating & maintenance costs

As we move toward an era of sustainable general aviation, the Cormorant presents an innovative, highly marketable aircraft that addresses the design deficits in the seaplane industry over the past seventy years.

The Cormorant provides for a revival in the seaplane general aviation sector and beyond with its green, multi-functional, comfortable, efficient design. Safety, efficiency, and practicality have been at the forefront of the Cormorant concept. Its low centre of gravity, innovative lift-generating, variable pitch, ducted-fan, and composite material construction address issues around safety, operating efficiency and maintenance costs that have negatively characterised the amphibious general aviation sector for decades.

The future’s electric

Low maintenance and operating costs will make the Cormorant an attractive proposition even where, currently, services rely on subsidies or are uneconomic.

We are at a critical point in the evolution of sustainable, ‘green’ aviation for short-distance flights for smaller aircraft. The inherent benefits of the Cormorant’s design coalesce with improvements in electrical storage and propulsive technologies to yield a viable short-range aircraft for point-to-point scheduled, air-taxi, medevac, and/or light cargo operations. Combined with its amphibious capabilities, a go-anywhere, green, transport solution is apparent in the Cormorant concept.


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