The Cormorant


Fully electric: zero emissions at point of use

Flexible cabin

  • 7 seater
  • Cargo
  • Medevac
  • Utility


Operates from land or, with easily attachable boat-hull, from both water & land.

Enhanced performance

  • STOL characteristics
  • Limited aerobatics
  • Unpaved runway capability


  • Low, in-line center of gravity provides for safer handling.
  • Enclosed fan minimizes blade-strike incidents.

Safer with lower operating & maintenance costs

As we move toward an era of sustainable general aviation, the Cormorant presents an innovative aircraft that addresses general aviation design deficits. This is particularly so in its easily configured amphibious format, where many dated designs in this sector can be traced back seventy years or more.

Central to the Cormorant’s design philosophy is its SEA concept, hence our corporate name – Cormorant SEAplanes:

  • Safe
    • In-line, low center of gravity yields improved maneuverability and stability.
    • Enclosed, ducted fan results in safer operation.
  • Efficient
    • Fuselage design has in-built lift characteristics, enhancing STOL performance.
    • Ducted fan provides enhanced performance including, greater thrust, higher efficiency, and quieter operation.
    • Composite material construction emphasizes low mass whilst enhancing structural integrity, reducing operating and maintenance costs.
  • Adaptable
    • Internally, the cabin space is both roomy and reconfigurable to adapt to a variety of operator requirements.
    • Externally, the Cormorant provides for unique, easy ‘reconfigurability’. The simple attachment of our boat-hull transforms an efficient, multi-use, land-based aircraft into a high-performance, amphibious seaplane.

The future’s electric

Low maintenance and operating costs make the Cormorant an attractive proposition even where, currently, services rely on subsidies or are uneconomic.

We are at a critical point in the evolution of sustainable, ‘green’ aviation for short-distance flights for smaller aircraft. The inherent SEA benefits of the Cormorant’s design coalesce with improvements in electrical storage and propulsive technologies to yield a viable short-range aircraft for point-to-point scheduled, air-taxi, medevac, and/or light cargo operations. Combined with its amphibious capabilities, a go-anywhere, green, transport solution is apparent in the Cormorant concept.


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