The Cormorant concept provides for an innovative, marketable aircraft that addresses the design deficit in the seaplane industry over the past seventy years.
Development of the seaplane/amphibious general aviation sector has largely been neglected since the mid-20th century with most aircraft currently flown being unsophisticated adaptations of land-based aircraft with bolt-on assemblies, usually cumbersome floats, to give amphibious capability at the expense of efficiency, handling and performance.
What makes flying on water relatively unsafe is the high center of gravity when regular (i.e. land-based) air-planes are reconfigured as seaplanes: the average distance from their center of gravity to the waterline is about 1.4 meters. Purpose-designed boat-hulled aircraft often have elevated propulsion units and powerplants such that that too suffer from high centers of gravity such that dangerous pitching can occur, particularly when landing or taking-off.

The distance of the center of gravity to the waterline for the Cormorant is only 0.3 meters, making its design intrinsically more stable, particularly during critical landing and take-off maneuvers.

The Cormorant’s ground-breaking configuration thus provides for a shift in expectations for owners and operators of such, hitherto utilitarian, aircraft by:

  • Providing a “Go-Anywhere” functionality with amphibious operational capability on water and from paved & unpaved runways
  • Carrying up to 6 passengers plus a pilot, 4-seat and 7-seat designs are proposed.
  • Providing a large, comfortable multipurpose cabin that is easily reconfigurable for passenger, cargo and medevac missions
  • Being safer and easy to fly with its unique design providing not only a low center of gravity but also an airframe design that has inherent lift characteristics for improved STOL performance
  • Being energy efficient and having low maintenance costs with a ground-breaking composite fuselage design, the Cormorant significantly outperforms comparable aircraft on fuel economy, payload and range

As such the Cormorant provides for a revival in the seaplane general aviation sector and beyond with its multi-functional, comfortable, efficient design.