A flexible solution for General Aviation


The Cormorant’s groundbreaking design, conforming to CS-23 | FAR-23 regulations and developed around its center of gravity and a low thrust line, provides for a shift in expectations for owners and operators of such, hitherto utilitarian, aircraft by:

  • Providing a “Go-Anywhere” functionality with amphibious operational capability on water and from paved & unpaved runways
  • Carrying up to 6 passengers plus pilot
  • Providing a large, comfortable multipurpose cabin that is easily reconfigurable for passenger, cargo and medevac missions
  • Being safer and easy to fly with its unique configuration providing not only a low center of gravity but also an airframe design that has inherent lift characteristics for improved Short Take-Off & Landing (STOL) performance.
  • Locating the propulsion system and fan behind the cabin in a ducted space within the hull and in the thrust line
  • Reducing ambient and cabin noise to significantly lower levels than other comparable seaplanes due to the ducted fan/powertrain configuration.
  • Being energy efficient and having low maintenance costs through the use of a power source within a ground-breaking, light, composite fuselage design, the Cormorant significantly outperforms comparable aircraft on energy economy, payload and range

As such the Cormorant provides for a revival in the seaplane general aviation sector and beyond with its multi-functional, comfortable, efficient design.

The resultant sporty, sleek look of The Cormorant design is reminiscent of a jet aeroplane.