Meet the Team

Chris Rijff – Head of Design

Chris is an entrepreneur with many years’ experience in various businesses. Over the last 20 years he has founded and developed several companies, including Speelbelovend CV (carpentry, toy manufacturing and wholesale), Rail Pleasure Holding BV (first railbike company in the Netherlands), and Cormorant SEAplanes BV.
Aviation has been his life’s passion: as a young child Chris made his first toy seaplane at the age of 6. Aircraft design has been a fascination for the fifty years since then. By late 1998, Chris became involved with Euro-ENAER, a start-up manufacturer of a small trainer aircraft – The Eaglet, in Den Helder. There he gained invaluable experience in testing, design, and production support but also in the manufacturing of production molds.
As initiator and designer of the Cormorant, Chris follows a holistic approach in both conceptual design and aircraft analysis. At the moment he is hands-on with the construction of the Cormorant prototype for ground/ water testing and aerodynamic trials and analysis.

Frank Kaiser – Head of Certification

Frank is an aircraft design engineer with more than 30 years’ experience. He has worked at Fokker Aircraft, Rockwell Collins, and Thales Avionics.
Over the last 15 years he has been immersed in certification of avionics and aircraft modifications, setting up EASA Design Organization Approvals and rulemaking for electric aviation. Frank is a mentor and a conceptual, yet hands-on, engineer.
He is currently supporting the project in the design and production of the Cormorant prototype for ground / water trials.

Mark Sowery – Head of Strategy / Corporate Development

Mark has over 35 years’ experience in providing financial management, embedded strategic management, enhanced & effective decision-making, and organizational goal setting & delivery solutions for SMEs, particularly in the aviation sector since the early 1990s. He has also independently developed methodologies to deliver increased agility, greater efficiency, and success to businesses.
He is also a co-owner and director of Guernsey-based business consultancy, Helicys Solutions. It uses data analysis and AI (artificial intelligence) to enhance good governance, improve risk management, and implement strategies to achieve corporate goals. Mark has also served both as an executive director and non-executive director, sometimes shareholder, assisting in SME organizations’ successful management of change, achievement of sustainable growth, and their attainment of corporate goals.
Within the Cormorant project, Mark’s responsibilities include strategy, corporate development, and financial management & controls.